Saturday, July 3, 2010

Young @ Heart

Sometime ago, I wrote about the movie, Young at Heart. It seems that the group whose members are all over 70 years of age is still busy singing and entertaining people. An article in today's paper discussed the group which is based in Northampton, Massachusetts. The vocal group will in Toronto at Roy Thomson Hall as part of the Just for Laughs Festival on July 10. Now, I am not sure why they are part of a comedy series but the group is certainly worthy of our attention. The group does not perform the golden oldies associated with seniors but songs which usually connect with people half their age.
One of the members comments that she has been to Europe 12 times and had the time of her life. Where else could she have done that?
The group's director, Bob Cilman understands that he has taken his group down an interesting and unexpected road but it certainly works.
I think that more of us need to go down unexpected roads.

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