Thursday, April 29, 2010

McMichael Concert-This Sunday

My goodness, this Sunday is it. The Taffanel Wind Ensemble will be performing at the McMichael Gallery. It is one of the high lites of the season but must admit that we have quite a number of special performance.
We will be at Spadina House at the end of June. This should be a lovely day out in the garden. Before then, we will be performing at quite a number of homes. The list seems to be growing by the day. Not sure why but not complaining.
Hope that some of you will be able to attend our performance.

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Story of Ping

Fascinating what you have to look up when playing trios. The latest topic is Children's stories. We are performing a suite of Children's stories. We all knew the story of Babar the Elephant and Curious George but the Story of Ping was a challenge. After several rehearsals, I decided that it is time to explore the Story of Ping. Ping was a duck and he decided that he did not like getting spanked for being the last duck back home after a long day. He would stay out over night instead of returning home. Unfortunately, that is all that I know. Must actually find the book which was first published in 1933.
Will keep you posted about this duck.

McMichael Gallery concert 2010

Here we are ready for another McMichael Concert. The trio has been busy preparing and will be ready to perform on Sunday May 2. Hard to believe that another has passed since we last did the concert. Hope that some of you will consider attending.