Thursday, August 6, 2009

Concert Ideas

As you already know this is a quiet time for the Taffanel trio. Meanwhile, the octet is busy preparing for a number of performances at the end of summer.
Recently, I read about an interesting programming idea. Not sure that we can make it work for the ensembles but worth considering. Close Encounters with Music ensemble programmes works of well-known composers and juxtaposes them with works by contemporaries who are not as well know but worth a listen. For example, the group programmed the work of Eduard Franck, esteemed pianist and teacher. He knew Wagner and Chopin, and he was a close friend of Robert and Clara Schumann. He was a favourite of the King of Denmark. Most significantly, he was Felix Mendelssohn's prized student and protege, and his accompanist for violin recitals. Mendelssohn was a huge early influence on Franck's composing style, and the two musicians' paths crossed through the rest of Mendelssohn's life-in fact, Franck was a pallbearer at his mentor's funeral. Close Encounters programmed Franck's music at a concert of Mendelssohn's music.
This is an idea that will take some planning but definitely worth considering. The repertoire for wind ensembles is not as extensive but will look into this idea and theme.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


August is a quiet month for the Taffanel Wind Ensemble, things will pick up in September. We already have bookings in February 2010. In the meantime, we are busy with the octet (dectet), Otteto Prosciutto right now and will be starting performances on August 27 and we finish the first Sunday in October at the McMichael Gallery.
Our conductor, Gloria Ratcliffe is helping us go through our paces which is good for us and helps us cover the music in a more musical manner. Disagreements are dealt with quickly.
Interesting time for all of us.