Sunday, July 4, 2010

What we learn from music

The group is busy trying to regroup for the coming year. In the meantime, here is some lessons that can be learned from music. Author, Craig M. Cortello links musical training and success. As a result, he questions why music programs are the first to be cut in public schools. He has written a book, Everything We needed to Know about Business, We Learned playing Music (La Dolce Vita Publishing, 2009).
As he says, there are scores of ex-athletes who give speeches regarding the parallels between playing sports and business success, and there doesn't seem to be a shortage of funding for sports programs," he says, "I felt it was time to tell the music education/business success correlation story."
According to Cortello, the benefits that successful businesspeople got from music, in childhood as well as in adulthood, include building self-esteem and confidence, learning how to collaborate, leadership, salesmanship, and branding skills; creativity and innovation; willingness to take a risk, discipline and realizing the value of fundamentatals, individuality and passion.
There was an article in Making Music, March issue and the article lists Cortello's website as a source of information: Worth checking.

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