Thursday, July 3, 2008

Pleine Aire Concert Preview

On June 24, the Taffanel Wind Ensemble performed as part of the Pleine Aire Concert previews. We had the opportunity to experience performing on the unique stage that the organizer, Susan Brown had constructed on the site. The stage provides just enough space for the trio to perform. For a really intimate concert, we could reverse our position and have a small group sitting in built in seats facing us.

As part of our performance, it has become a tradition that we introduce our musical selections. Over the years, Nora has taken on this role and researched the many compositions and composers that we have included in our programmes. We were pleased to hear that the audience appreciated this aspect of our performance. More research will be done before our actual concert on July 16th. Maybe some of you will consider attending this concert.

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Description said...

Thanks for showing your performance at the Artists'Garden Pavilion in June. You all sounded wonderful and your commetary about the music was very much appreciated.
Looking forward to seeing you on the 16 at your Plein Air concert.
Susan Brown