Saturday, July 12, 2008

Next week's concerts

This is a busy week for the members of the Taffanel Wind Ensemble. On Wednesday evening, we will be performing for the Pleine Air concert series. Because this is an outdoor venue, we are hoping for very dry weather. We also have to remember to bring music clips, and I am going to put on insect repellent. There were a number of insects visiting us during our preview performance. I can imagine some of the bugs checking out Zach's fingers as he plays.
Some of you will remember that the Pleine Air stage is a wonderful structure designed for intimate performances. It is interesting what creative individuals will build!

On Saturday, Zach and Nora will perform duos at a seniors residence and then on Sunday, Bill and Nora will join Otteto Prosciutto to perform octets at Spadina house for the addendum to Spadina House's Music in the Orchard series. This historic house is beside Casa Loma. Spadina House which is 140 years old was donated to the city by the Austin family and the last member of the family lived in the house until the 1970's. One of the historically interesting facts about the house is that most of the furniture is original. In the past, the octet has performed under the overhang of the coach house. Hopefully the weather will cooperate once more and the audience can enjoy the experience of hearing music outdoors.

The coach house is now used to store plants from the main house and garden tools.
We hope that some of you might have the chance to join us on Wednesday or Sunday (the Sunday concert is free to the public). Pleine Aire concerts are $10.

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