Monday, February 7, 2011


Hi All,
February is a quiet month since one of our members will be travelling soon and that means that the rest of us will use the time to practise and prepare for March when things pick up again. The group does have a number of public performances coming up:
March 20, the Taffanel Duo will perform at Colborne Lodge
May 1, 1:30-the Taffanel Trio will be at the McMichael Gallery for its annual performance
June 12, 1:30, Spadina House, Music in the Orchard will be another one of our outdoor performances. Wonderful chance to enjoy the gardens at Spadina House. They are lovely.
Hope that you are enjoying the interesting weather.
Stay warm.

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Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to hearing you on June 12 at the Spadina House Museum. Dionne Levesque