Sunday, October 5, 2008

Princess Margaret Lodge

The past week was a very busy time for the Taffanel Wind Ensemble, we started by playing at Lansing Lodge. The audience was appreciative but small since some of the residence were starting the Jewish high holiday. Thursday, we played background music at Kensington Gardens for a Volunteer Recognition Dinner. It was a delightful event with volunteers from the residence and community participating. Representatives of various faiths who minister to the residents were also present. It was a delightful evening and after our performance we were fed. Our meal ended with the best Tiramusu that I have had in many years. Ate all of it, did not regret a single bite!

Friday, we went to the Balmoral residence, a charming residence were the resident birds accompanied our performance, chirping in time to the music especially our concluding Joplin rag.

This week, a quieter week, we will perform for residents at Princess Margaret Lodge which is a residence for cancer patients who do not live in Toronto and need to undergo a course of treatment. I have knitted some scarves to donate to the Lodge for the patients and their fundraising. Nice to know that I can contribute in more than one way.

After this week, we will start planning our season music. Yes, it is nearly that time of year.

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